Unless It’s Shareable, It’s Only Content–Not Content Marketing!

make sure your content marketing is shareable like these girls share a bookI just opened a newsletter from a marketing company with an article on why your business should be blogging. It was a great article, directed at B2B blogging, with compelling arguments and stats such as:

  • Companies that are blogging get 55% more traffic to their website.
  • B2B companies that are blogging enjoy 67% more leads per month than their non-blogging counterparts.
  • And 57% of companies that blog gain a customer through that blog.

Now remember, I am a freelance copywriter. It’s not like I think every piece of content that shows up in my inbox is good stuff. I rarely do. But this was good. In fact, it was such a well-written, concise and convincing article that I wanted to share it on LinkedIn. But guess what? There was no link, no sharing buttons, no URL I could go to in order to share the article.

I could not share the article!

Shareable is not shareworthy
Shareable is easy. This is not the same as making something shareworthy. Shareworthy content happens your web content or email marketing content or social media content is so amazing or helpful or insightful or entertaining that people want to share it…even go out of their way to share it. Shareworthy is hard to do. It forces you to get out of your selling or marketing mindset and think about what customers (and potential customers) really want to see and read.

Shareable is not hard! And that’s why it’s just sad that the newsletter I got was a dead-end.

So what went wrong here?
Here’s what I think happened: The newsletter is obviously meant for lead generation, so its only purpose is to get a recipient to contact the marketing agency. That is not a content marketing mentality. That is only a marketing mentality and a shortsighted one at that.

The newsletter can be for lead gen and be shareable both! Those no reason not to have the article hosted somewhere and offer a link to it, none whatsoever. And how hard is it to add some social media sharing buttons? At the very least, include a LinkedIn sharing button, people, since you’re targeted B2B marketers.

How about you? Are you making your shareworthy content easily shareable?

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