Your marketing and copywriting can delight your customers by anticipating their needs

Yesterday I read an email marketing blog post on surprising your readers, that that’s a type of “relevance,” anticipating their needs, wants or desires by offering them something unexpected but welcome. This is a classic “marketing is like dating” scenario.


It reminded me of a man I dated who was a single dad with full custody of his kids. He could spot things that needed doing as soon as he walked into my house in a way another man couldn’t, because his experience running a household made him aware. I kid you not, this guy amazed me. He was usually early to pick me up, I was usually late to be ready. One typical day when this happened, I had a pile of laundry on the dining room table waiting to be folded. I came around the corner into the dining room, and there he was folding the laundry and thinking nothing of it. Other times he’d step right in to help with dishes. I certainly appreciated his help but I was also struck by his awareness. I can honestly say that he’s the only guy I’ve dated who folded laundry unsolicited! And it delighted me!


As a marketer and copywriter, you too can delight your customers and prospects. Consider’s recommendations, or ecommerce Web sites that suggest other items you might like based on what you’re looking at. Offline, maybe it’s a birthday card with a special offer, an unexpected coupon for a timely item like lemonade during a hot spell. To get more in-depth, how about a whitepaper or tip sheet that clearly explains an issue that frustrates your customers? Or add some particularly useful articles links to your Web site. Or…


If you want to delight your customer/date, the first step is to be aware, to think about things from the perspective of your target audience. Anticipate the need. Get out of your head and into hers. Once you do that, you’ll spot opportunities for marketing and copywriting that might not be as hands-on as folding laundry, but will be equally appreciated.


Got a dating or marketing story to share, good, bad, or ugly? Post a comment, and let me know if you want it kept private or not.

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