Woo-Worthy Web Content: 18 Ways to Make Your Home Page Sticky, not Sucky


Is your web content sucky or sticky? To make it sticky, try these 18 tips for woo worthy web content.

Hurry, you’ve only got 3 seconds!

When you’ve done your job with SEO content and someone lands at your website, you have 3 seconds to get them to stay. Just 3 seconds, because right away they’re deciding if they landed somewhere they want to be or if they want to click Back and try another website.

How do you get people to stay at your home page once they land there? You woo with words. No, your web content won’t do all of the work required to get someone to stay at your website, but it will do a lot of the heavy lifting.

How’s your web content? Sucky or sticky? If it’s sucks more than it gets people to stick around, try these 18 tips for better web content.

1) Make a great first impression. You only have 3 seconds, people. Think first date and make sure you’re home page content shows up clean, dressed nicely, and has minty fresh breath. Then make sure your home page is polite and engaging.

2) Let them know a.s.a.p. you have the solution they’re looking for. They landed at your website because they are looking for a solution to a problem. They don’t want to wade through mumbo jumbo about your business. They want to know if you can help. That’s all. Later they’ll want to know about you but not now. And now is what matters.

3) Never ever make them dig. Ever. And never assume they will. Again, let them know as soon as they land at your website that it’s where they want to be. Don’t think they’ll stick around and go looking for what they want. They won’t. And they shouldn’t have to.

4) Don’t make them scroll. Everything important must be above the fold. Everything.

Check out the web content on Graphic Solutions’ home page. It does everything right. The problem and solution are front and center. All of the services are listed above the fold. I know immediately what they can do for me and how.

5) Make your web content about them. Please don’t talk about yourself, not yet. You can do that elsewhere on the website. But the web content on your home page must be customer centric. Period.

6) Use your words to be interesting, appealing, attractive and engaging. Think dating! Think wooing!

7) Be customer centric. Make it about them. Always. At the home page stage, you don’t matter.

8 ) Don’t “we” all over your home page. Use “you” more than “we.” Go ahead, count them.

9) Put your best foot forward immediately.

Check out Forefront Dental’s immediate and attention-grabbing “you” based web content. They determined customers want a neighborhood dentist, someone who will get to know them and their families. Their home page web content speaks straight to that customer desire. And although you’ll find “we” and “you,” you’ll find more of you.

10) Be real, be likeable…don’t hide between generic words. Write like you talk.

11) Use your words to appeal to their emotions. People shop with their brains but buy with their hearts, even when they’re making a B2B buying decision.

12) Paint a picture for them with your web content. Describe where they want to be.

Check out the web content of the Canyon Villa bed and breakfast. I was the freelance copywriter for this eons ago, yet the website is still as effective today as it was back then. Why? Because it paints a picture with words, enticing busy city dwellers to a calm respite in Paso Robles wine country.

13) Make your home page a doorway into your site, nothing more. My own freelance copywriter rule is no more than 150 words on a home page.

14) Make sure your home page is not your About page. Businesses often make the mistake of thinking someone lands at their website to learn about their company. Wrong! People land at your website to learn if you have a solution to their problem!

Check out the home page for my freelance copywriter business. It says a little about We Know Words but only in the context of solving the customer’s problem. It is in no way an About page. It’s short. It serves as an attention-getting doorway into the rest of the website with a strong call to action.

15) No more “Welcome to…” home pages, please! Just stop! No one cares. They just want to know you can help them.

16) So “no” to generic corporate websites. Unless you want be get lost in the crowd. In that case, go ahead, be generic corporate.

17) Stand out from your competitors. If you can take your name out and put your competitor’s name in and your web content still works, you have a serious web content problem.

18) Make it easy to know what you offer and how to buy it, and ask them to do something.

Check out Maxsam Partners’ home page web content. There above the fold, you have three different ways into the website, all written as a strong call to action. It’s easy to know what problem you can solve when you land at this home page!

Even if you apply just one of these tips, your web content should improve, but please try to apply more than one…or even all 18! Then your site is guaranteed to go from sucky to sticky, getting people to stick around and dig deeper into what you’re selling.

And the samples above? All written by We Know Words freelance copywriters. If you like what you see, we can help make your site sticky too. :-)

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