When Wondering How Often to Blog, Start With Your Goal

In an SEO newsletter the other day, I read the Twitter question of the week regarding how often should one blog. The answers were all over the place because…

It’s the wrong question!

How often one should blog depends on one’s blogging goals. Even as a professional copywriter who ghost blogs for clients, I blog with different frequency depending on their goals.

Below are some of the blogging goals I’ve come across as a freelance copywriter. Figure out which ones applies to your blog, then you’ll know how frequently to blog:

Blog Goal #1–Internet marketing via SEO: If you’re blogging to get found in search engines, then first off I’m assuming you have a great list of targeted keywords picked out. But that’s not what this copywriter blog is about, so we’ll just leave it at that. As far as frequency, you must blog frequently to win searches. You want to be found in Google? You’d better be blogging at least once a day, preferably more often. The more general (and popular) your keywords, the more often you must blog. For some companies this will even mean hundreds of (very short) blog posts PER WEEK. I’m not kidding. This is not simply blogging. It is Internet marketing, and like all types of marketing, you have to put something in to get something out. In this case, your time.

Blog Goal #2–Thought leadership: You’re probably doing this to market yourself, not your company. If you want to build a reputation among your peers, your customers, your friends, you don’t have to blog as often, and your blogs will be longer and more meaningful than those of the person pounding them out for SEO. You can blog as frequently or infrequently as you want, because it will be the content that matters, not the keyword usage.

Blog Goal #3–Meaningful blogs that also work for SEO: This is my favorite kind of goal as a ghost blogger, because the content should have real value but it also includes keywords for SEO. If this is your goal, you’re less concerned with search engine results, so you don’t need the frequency of hundreds of posts per week…but you still need some frequency. As a professional copywriter who ghost blogs for clients, I do one post per day for this goal, as keyword rich as I can make it and as meaningful too.

Obviously if you’re using blogs as marketing tools your goals might be a mix of all these. And if you’re blogging for other reasons, like to write a book, and not to blog, this copywriter blog post is irrelevant. :-)  But I hope this helps you realize that when asking how often to blog, that’s the wrong question to ask first. The question to ask first is, “What do I want to accomplish by blogging?”

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