What’s new for SEO in 2010? Nothing, this copywriter discovers

Yesterday I sat through another disappointing SEO webinar. It was “sold” to me as a copywriter as SEO copywriting tips for 2010, implying it would offer new information. But it was simply a rehash of old information I as an experienced copywriter already knew.

Seriously, maybe I do know everything there is to know about SEO copywriting for now, including optimizing press releases. This webinar talked about how to build an online press room, a topic the We Know Words copywriting staff presented on two years ago!

I realize not everyone knows as much as I do about search engine optimization and Web writing. That’s because not everyone works as a website copywriter. I get that. But please do not sell me on a webinar by promising that it will be new information! If it’s the same old, same old in 2010, fine. Tell me that and I’ll know I’m still in a position to do well by my clients. But don’t pretend it’s more than it is.

I don’t see SEO staying the same for a while! That gives me time to ramp up on my role as a freelance copywriter in the age of social media…

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