Web Content: It’s Like Strands of Spaghetti That Together Make a Dinner

How web content is like spaghetti...more to come on this topic!

Next week I’ll be presenting to a group of marketers and small business owners on the topic of web content. I was asked to present as a freelance copywriter, and admittedly, it’s sometimes hard to think of a topic when it comes to copywriting because really, how technical can you get?

As I brainstormed the best way to present relevant yet introductory type information in the most useful way possible, it hit me: It’s not one topic. Well, it is. But not really. It’s more like several branches of one tree. OK, that analogy doesn’t work. Um…it’s like, spaghetti?? Yeah, that works. It’s like spaghetti. One strand does not a dinner make, right? Just like one kind of web content does not an online content marketing strategy make.

So next week’s presentation will cover web writing, SEO, blogging, social media and online content marketing all together and in under 45 minutes.

It was funny for me to think about these five areas this way, as one big area, since I don’t get hired that way as a freelance copywriter–I get hired for only a portion. I’m pretty excited about how this is going to pull together. To the point that I’m seriously considering make a giveaway from the presentation. So stay tuned. :-)

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