Unlike Boyfriends, Blogs Are Forever…Make Them Part of Your Content Marketing

Why blog? Because blogging is forever. OK, forever is relative in this day and age. But a blog post is going to be around a lot longer than other social media marketing.

A wall post on a Facebook page has a very short life span. A tweet even shorter. But a blog will be around always. It will be indexed by the search engines and served up when someone goes looking for what you’re offering…even if it’s two, three or even five years later. That’s a lot longer than a lot of boyfriends! And that won’t happen with any other kind of popular social media like Facebook and Twitter!

As a freelance copywriter and now as a provider of content marketing services, I have been pushing for blogs as marketing tools for a few years now. With the advent of content marketing as a strategic way to create and use content, maybe blogs will be taken more seriously.

Although I don’t know. I still run up against the initial reaction of a) thinking a blog is just a place to spout off or b) the “there’s no way we could keep up with one.”

It’s funny because people–even savvy marketers who should know better–seem to see the blog as something extraneous and extra. And a lot of work with no payoff.

It’s none of those things.

It can be the hub of your online content marketing strategy. Dare I say it should be the hub of your online content marketing strategy? And blog content is easy to come by when you’re focused on online content marketing. You simply need a strategy.

And isn’t that what content marketing is all about? Being strategic with your creation and use of content?

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