There’s Nothing New in SEO!

Need SEO content? Create GREAT content!

Every time I see a title like “10 SEO Tips,” I think maybe I’ll learn something new that will help me as a freelance copywriter do a better job for my clients. Every time I click on the link to read such an article, I am reminded yet again that there aren’t any magic bullets or fast tracks to great SEO.

This latest SEO tips article is right on the money in every way. This might be the latest SEO tips article, but it’s not the latest news. The number one component required to get your website linked well is and always has been great content.

And when I peruse the Internet looking at other websites guess what I rarely see? Great content.

So let’s revisit your website with only one thing in mind: not the design, not the navigation not the use of keywords. Let’s revisit your website asking one simple question: “Is this great content?”

If not, put your freelance copywriter back to work. Because it all starts with the words…all of it.

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