The Power of Words…Demonstrated in a Most Moving Way. Don’t Miss This…

Don’t believe words really matter all that much? Well, if your content marketing agency can’t convince you, your copywriter can’t convince you, and even your mother can’t convince you, watch this moving video by online content provider Purple Feather.

A blind man begging for coins on a busy city sidewalk hears many more coins dropping onto his cardboard mat after a woman changes the words on his sign. The woman is no doubt a copywriter! She changes his straightforward message to one with an emotional appeal…and the people react.

The pen is mightier than the sword…and the keyboard mightier still. If you’re using any kind of creative content marketing to promote your business, or working with a freelance copywriter, never, ever estimate the real power of words. Let your content marketing services provider or copywriter take you that one extra step toward the authentic, the real, the emotional. Be willing to be different, to stand out. Change your straightforward message to one with an emotional appeal.

And you might hear more coins dropping in front of you too.

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