The Freelance Copywriter in 2013: From Copy to Coach!!

freelance copywriter goes from copywriting to coachingI’ve been on the sidelines these last couple of years, doing less as a freelance copywriter and more as a moved-from-city-to-country-and-bought-falling-down-farmhouse-and-met-love-of-my-life kind of gal, so I have kind of stayed out of the content marketing fray, for which I am now thankful.

Because now, on the brink of a brand new year, as I am able to extricate myself from some of the personal challenges of the past couple of years and refocus on my work, I can see where content marketing has taken people like me: from Copy to Coach.

See, at first I was afraid of it, thinking it made me irrelevant. In a way, content marketing has become like this great equalizer. It has made people like me, people who used to be focused on tasks like writing web content for clients, and made us not quite as necessary. Oh, don’t get me wrong! You want a killer core message or a tantalizing tagline or super SEO, you still turn to your freelance copywriter for help!

But a lot of website content that’s used for content marketing purposes doesn’t have to be written by someone like me, and it isn’t even cost effective to do so in some cases. I am talking about content like blogging and user-generated content (UGC), stuff that’s written by real people, not professional writers.

And that’s cool! That kind of website content gives a business’s online presence a humanity and credibility one can’t buy even with the best copywriter! (Okay, maybe with the best copywriter.)

But it creates a new need, that of Content Consultant (which is really what I mean by Coach). And that’s how I see the role of the copywriter changing in 2013.

The smart business doesn’t go about creating all of this online marketing content willy nilly. It’s not as simple as putting a keyboard in an employee’s hands. Nor does it negate the need for making sure the actual marketing content is still right on target, and on brand.

That’s where a Content Consultant can help, ensuring that the blogging has a goal and purpose, and keywords are used for content marketing SEO. A consultant can also coach employees or small business owners, giving them the confidence to write and a game plan to help them get it done.

A Content Consultant can also review marketing materials and make sure they are still top-notch…or provide direction for making them top-notch. Because, sad to say, the web is still full of some pretty awful websites! So there’s not a whole lot of good to come from using UGC and employee bloggers if those prospects that find you click Back when they don’t like what they see!

I suspect content marketing will evolve into something ever more sophisticated, measurable and useful. And I suspect that the need to make all of the other marketing content better will persist.

The freelance copywriter in 2013: from Copy to Coach. I’m in. Are you?

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