Talk to Your Customers, not at Them

Day 2 of my MarketingSherpa “Marketing Wisdom for 2010” freelance copywriter insights…

Here’s a great example of talking to the customer, not at them, this professional copywriter’s mantra: Tyler Garns of InfusionSoft submitted a great example of simplifying the marketing message. His company went from a big promise to a small one, from promising an all-in-one solution to promising an email marketing solution. They found the all-in-one message didn’t resonate with their small business audience. Turned out, the small businesses were only looking for email marketing.

I’ve used this example before, but it is worth repeating because this comes up so often in my work as a professional copywriter: Are you selling new mattresses or a good night’s sleep? If your prospect views their problem as poor sleep, and they don’t know a new mattress will help, do not sell them the new mattress. Do sell them the good night’s sleep.

I guarantee if you take a hard look at your current copywriting and messaging, you’ll find you tend to talk at customers. You tend to assume they know they need whatever you’re selling. And chances are, they don’t.

Take one piece of existing marketing collateral and force yourself to reframe it in customer-centric terms. How different is it?

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