Copywriter Serves up the Truth About Title Tags in SEO Content

As a freelance copywriter, I regularly talk to people who think they’ve got organic SEO all figured out, but then they give me blank stares when I talk about Title tags. Just today I was arguing with a web developer who failed to use the Title tags I’d written for a client’s website, fighting for my Title tags and explaining their importance. It’s 2013. We’ve been using Title tags and Google for quite some time now to win searches, but we still aren’t giving Title tags their due. Is this because people simply don’t know? Well then, I am going [...]

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This SEO copywriter disagrees with that SEO copywriter: No company name in Title tag!

Just read an article by a very respected SEO copywriter talking about Title tags. If you do any SEO copywriting, or you work with your SEO copywriter, you’ll know the Title tag is a critical part of your search engine optimization (SEO).   (If you don’t know, read a quick tutorial I just wrote for another blog here:   Normally I really respect this SEO copywriter’s opinion, and, knowing how important Title tags are I was excited to read this article to make sure I know everything I need to to be a kick ass Website copywriter…but in this [...]

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