Freelance copy writer finds stellar small business marketing on Facebook

2010 is the year I figure out how my role as a freelance copy writer will change in the age of social media. Blogging I got down. I’ve been pushing blogs as marketing tools for a long time now, and even teaching small business blogging. I think I have a pretty good handle on LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Twitter I’ll never figure out. So I’ve primarily been paying attention to Facebook as a social media marketing tool. But my friend Jeff just summed up how to use Facebook as a small business with his Facebook page for his painting business. Jeff did an [...]

Beware the small business marketing advice that’s just more hype, no help

As a freelance copywriter who helps out clients with small business marketing, I am constantly on the lookout for new information to pass along to copywriting clients, especially as social media takes center stage. I’m already pushing blogs as marketing tools, but these days I’m looking out for nuggets on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, trying to wrap my head around how these tools can be put to use for small business marketing. So this article of using Facebook for your small business caught my eye when someone retweeted it, but it’s more of the same: talking about the how, but not the why, and definitely [...]

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Small business marketing: Seattle copywriter says don’t make it so hard!

I like Vertical Response as a lower cost small business email marketing platform, and I usually like the CEO’s blog, but my feathers got a little ruffled when I read the 2010 checklist of 10 things small businesses should do this year. As a freelance copywriter, I do work for small businesses. And the two things practically every small business owner have in common are: lack of time, lack of marketing knowledge. This checklist of 10 things made me squirm in my seat…and I work in marketing! I pity the small business owner who reads that, gulps, and throws his or her hands up in the air [...]

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