SEO Copywriter Says too Many SEO Folks Drop the Ball

I recently did a new freelance copywriter project, writing 18 pages of SEO content for a new client. The client had contracted with an SEO firm to provide keywords and a plan for 18 landing pages, each one focused on one keyword. And I am fine with all of that part, but the sample SEO content I was given to work from was horrible. And that’s where I get a little frustrated with the SEO people: They drop the ball. They only worry about one or two stages of SEO, when really there are three. Or at least I think [...]

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Copywriter Serves up the Truth About Title Tags in SEO Content

As a freelance copywriter, I regularly talk to people who think they’ve got organic SEO all figured out, but then they give me blank stares when I talk about Title tags. Just today I was arguing with a web developer who failed to use the Title tags I’d written for a client’s website, fighting for my Title tags and explaining their importance. It’s 2013. We’ve been using Title tags and Google for quite some time now to win searches, but we still aren’t giving Title tags their due. Is this because people simply don’t know? Well then, I am going [...]

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Professional copywriter almost duped by faulty keywords

Revising my own keywords as a professional copywriter who writes a blog, I was struck by how easy it might be to use keywords that don’t attract your target audience…quite the opposite. As I revised my freelance copywriter blog keywords this past week, there were several suggested to me that I knew wouldn’t work. Anything with “wanted” in the term was another freelance copywriter looking for work, not a potential client. And search terms that used simply “writer” and not “copywriter” meant people with smaller budgets. (Clients that can afford to hire a professional copywriter will search using the term copywriter, not writer. Anyone [...]

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