Even on Facebook, Content Is King, So Hire a Professional Copywriter to Set You up Right

Reading a SilverPop whitepaper on social media, I as the professional copywriter was drawn to section 4, called Create Content That Connects. It starts off: “The foundation of effective marketing remains the same: content is king. For example, a company with 50,000 social media followers disseminating highly relevant, engaging content that users feel motivated to share can be more effective than a competitor with content that is not deemed valuable and is rarely shared by its fan base of 100,000.” (Emphasis mine.) Again, I see my role switching from Copy Writer to Copy Coach. In the social media marketing age, yes, customers [...]

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Freelance Copywriter on Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

I’ve heard this question from several small business owners lately: “Why have a Facebook page for my business?” As I re-evaluate what I do as a professional copywriter in the age of social media, i.e. the age of user generated content, where the customers create the copy, not the copywriter, I see my role shifting from Copy Writer to Copy Coach. So I take this social media marketing stuff very seriously!   To answer the question of “why,” I made some notes which you’ll find below. If you have anything to add, definitely post a comment! That is social media! [...]

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Freelance copy writer finds stellar small business marketing on Facebook

2010 is the year I figure out how my role as a freelance copy writer will change in the age of social media. Blogging I got down. I’ve been pushing blogs as marketing tools for a long time now, and even teaching small business blogging. I think I have a pretty good handle on LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Twitter I’ll never figure out. So I’ve primarily been paying attention to Facebook as a social media marketing tool. But my friend Jeff just summed up how to use Facebook as a small business with his Facebook page for his painting business. Jeff did an [...]