Stop Talking About Yourself. Now. Pleeeeaaase. (And please make it stop raining…)

When one blogs as a means to market onself and/or one’s business, one should not blog:

a) After 9:00 at night.
b) After drinking.
c) When in a pissy mood because it has been raining nonstop since who knows when and one is sick of the rain, mud and wet.

Please realize that you are reading a blog written under condition “c.” Yes, I am violating my own, self-imposed rule. But I have been a freelance copywriter for over 10 years and I am tired of seeing the following mindset be so pervasive among marketers. CEOs, yes. Sales teams, sure. But marketers need to know better!

What prompted my pissy reaction? I just responded to a question on a message board. The question was about what types of content to produce to market to a B2B audience. Fair enough. But the poster said the goal is to “provide thought leadership on key issues affecting business leaders by helping them understand the role that our technology and services can provide.” (Emphasis mine.)

This, my marketing friends (and fellow pissy mood people, if you’re in western Washington), is what is wrong with marketing today. Still. This is why I talk about marketing is like dating. The problem for this company isn’t the kinds of content they are producing. The problem is they are focused on what they are selling, not on what the customer is buying.

They shouldn’t be trying to help business leaders understand the role of “our” technology and services. They should be addressing the problems of the B2B audience they are trying to reach!! (Excuse the exclamation points. The more it rains, the more I punctuate.)

If marketing is like dating, this is akin to the guy going out to a bar to meet women…and only talking about himself. Which plenty of guys do.

One reason I love content marketing is because I am so hopeful that it will finally make marketers switch their mindsets from talking at customers to talking to them. You talk to someone when you make it about them, when you relate and listen. Do you know how many dates I’ve been on where the guy told his stories, talked incessantly about himself and/or talked the whole time period? Plenty. Those are the worst dates to be on. And that’s your typical marketer, folks. As the post I just responded to implies.

Oh, please, content marketing gods, let the dawn of content marketing truly result in engaging, useful content and no more ego-centric “all about me” copy!

And please, content marketing gods, can you make it stop raining too?

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