Smile! Content Marketing as the Coming of Age of Copywriting

This freelance copywriter can't help but smile about the move toward content marketing!

It’s enough to make you smile…

Every day I get a Google alert for “content marketing” and every day I am more and more convinced of one thing: content marketing is the coming of age of copywriting.

Lee Odden started an article on content marketing published today with these words:

“Companies are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon in increasing numbers, investing in new content for articles, newsletters, whitepapers, blogs, and video to better attract and engage customers.” (Emphasis mine.)

I’ve been heading up the copywriter firm We Know Words for 11 years now. During that decade plus, we have created more of this type of content described by Lee than any other (i.e. ads, brochures and other content not considered “content marketing”). We’ve written articles for national publication. We’ve written countless newsletters for everyone ranging from staid government organizations to go-getter dotcoms. We’ve written whitepapers ranging from extremely technical to almost pedestrian. We ghost blog for several companies sometimes for thought leadership and sometimes for SEO. And we’ve written scripts for video too.

Yes, the bulk of the work we have done all these years as freelance copywriters is now in the spotlight as content marketing.

That makes the heart of this content provider very, very happy and puts a big smile on my face! It’s as if finally our work, our laboring, our writing is now finally something everyone sees the value in…not just the consumer but the client too. We’ve always argued for compelling, customer-centric content that engages by talking to customers, not at them. Now we can stop arguing for that approach. Now that approach is mainstream.

So bring it on, marketers! Let’s keep this content marketing train a chugging along! And these copywriters smiling!

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