Seven bottles of shampoo…or why your prospect ignores you

This morning I realized there are seven bottles of shampoo in my shower. This is odd for two reasons: 1) only two people live in my house right now, and 2) I only just noticed and counted the bottles…which have been there for a while. A long while.


This is noteworthy and relevant because those shampoo bottles are like your marketing: easy to ignore. I don’t know how long I’ve been showering surrounded by seven bottles of shampoo (and two conditioner containers). I’m sure these bottles were collected gradually. But until I knocked one over and became aware of the astounding number, it didn’t register that we had such a buildup. That’s because I was so used to all of those bottles that I stopped seeing them.


This happens in marketing all the time. When your copywriting reads the same as the six other Web sites your prospect just looked at, you become just one more unseen shampoo bottle, taking up space and not getting noticed. Ditto for your direct mail, your email marketing, even your blog.


Don’t be just another shampoo bottle hoping to get noticed. Be different, stand out, and get noticed instead.

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