SEO Copywriter Says too Many SEO Folks Drop the Ball

SEO Copywriter Says too Many SEO Folks Drop the Ball

SEO Copywriter Says too Many SEO Folks Drop the Ball

I recently did a new freelance copywriter project, writing 18 pages of SEO content for a new client. The client had contracted with an SEO firm to provide keywords and a plan for 18 landing pages, each one focused on one keyword. And I am fine with all of that part, but the sample SEO content I was given to work from was horrible.

And that’s where I get a little frustrated with the SEO people: They drop the ball. They only worry about one or two stages of SEO, when really there are three. Or at least I think there are three, as the SEO copywriter:

  1. Using the keywords to get well ranked and show up in search results.
  2. Having a Title tag that makes people want to click on your link on the search results page.
  3. Having content that makes people want to stay on your page and learn more.

As the SEO copywriter, I see these supposed experts and consultants spending most of their time on the first part, finding the best keywords and making sure they are used on each page. However, many drop the ball at writing really good and compelling Title tags, because they think of Title tags for the SEO aspect only, the getting indexed and ranked. But that Title tag has another job, which is to get people to click. And even if they get that part right, they often totally neglect the third part, which is having great content that makes people want to stay.

That’s what happened with the 18 pages I was tasked to write as the SEO copywriter. I was only asked to write content that used certain keywords in certain places and in a certain density, and I was given an incredibly boring and dry and obviously SEO-driven sample to work from. I was not asked to write interesting content that would make someone who landed at that page want to stick around and know more.

Lucky for me, the client listened when I explained my thoughts on how to approach the pages, suggesting that we make them real content that is useful to searchers. Together we brainstormed 18 interesting topics around the 18 keywords, and I wrote what I hope is entertaining and engaging copy around each that will get a site visitor to stick around and click to another page learn more about my client!

Because in the end, a keyword is worthless if all it does it get you found. So let’s stop dropping the SEO ball and give people a reason to click through, stick around and buy too, okay?


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