Segmenting Aside, There’s Always a Place for GREAT Content

This is Bear. Bear loves great content. But he loves his chicken toy even more.

This is Bear. Bear loves great content. But he loves his chicken toy even more.

While working on an article on data-driven content for a client, my head was of course wrapped around creating this targeted, segmented content that marketers can serve up based on a subscriber’s preferences or a customer’s behavior.

But then I read a comment on another article that pointed out what should have been obvious to me as the freelance copywriter: Not every marketer has to create segmented content, because great content will serve a great big audience.

Does Seth Godin have to create segmented content? Hardly! Guy Kawasaki? David Meerman Scott? No and no. Why? Because they create original, thought-provoking, sometimes revolutionary content that appeals to and is useful for a huge group of people, people who hunger for the expertise and opinions they have to offer.

Does reading this cause you to rethink your content marketing at all?

Maybe you don’t need to create vast amounts of web content to serve a whole bunch of different personas…or maybe you do. Maybe your email strategy should be even more segmented than it already is, or maybe the email marketing content you’re providing is so compelling that your audience eats it up, no matter which category they fall into.

I’m not saying segment or don’t segment, use data or don’t use data… But I am saying there is always a place for–and appreciation of–great content. So maybe if your budget keeps you from delivering data-driven content to a bunch of narrow audiences, you can focus instead on creating some incredible content for your audience as a whole?

How great is your content? Will it alone draw people to you?


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