Repurpose Social Chatter, But Make Sure to Deliver Content–not Clutter

I appreciate that this article is encouraging us to repurpose content, I really do. It’s something I push as a freelance copywriter and content consultant. I encourage our copywriting and content marketing clients to think in terms of rite once, use in multiple places. I’m also a huge proponent of sharing content across media, like blogging on your email newsletter or using testimonials posted to your Facebook wall as blog content. The possibilities for repurposing content are endless.

However, our goal must always be the same: Be customer centric. Whether you’re hiring a ghost blogger or a content marketing group, make sure your content is customer centric. It has to be about them, not you. Talk to your customers, not at them.

That’s why I take issue with this article on using social chatter in email. The author is saying repurpose what people say about you in social networks by making it your email marketing content. I’m fine with repurposing the content! Go for it!

However, I have a problem with the reason for doing so and the approach the author recommends. His reason for using social chatter as email marketing content is simply to show your audience that you have a social presence. As a consumer, not copywriter, I say, “So what?” And the approach he recommends? Just stick it to them. OK, not in those words. But he’s only saying to include it in your email marketing. I say, give it some context and, more importantly, vet it. Don’t stick every Yelp or Facebook comment into an email willy nilly, and I don’t mean use only the nice comments. Only use content that’s relevant, useful and/or engaging. Only use customer-centric content.

If republishing that content into your email marketing isn’t in some way helpful to your email recipients, don’t do it. People already get far too much email and they’re easily turned off by email marketing that’s self serving.

Repurpose yes, but make sure you’re delivering content, not clutter.

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