Professional copywriter almost duped by faulty keywords

Revising my own keywords as a professional copywriter who writes a blog, I was struck by how easy it might be to use keywords that don’t attract your target audience…quite the opposite.

As I revised my freelance copywriter blog keywords this past week, there were several suggested to me that I knew wouldn’t work. Anything with “wanted” in the term was another freelance copywriter looking for work, not a potential client. And search terms that used simply “writer” and not “copywriter” meant people with smaller budgets. (Clients that can afford to hire a professional copywriter will search using the term copywriter, not writer. Anyone who found my blog and therefore Website using the search term “writer” is therefore not a good lead for me, in my experience.)

Better yet are specific terms like web copywriters, blog copywriter, content copywriter, email copywriting…even if those are competitive search terms that I’ll have trouble winning through blogging for SEO, I’d rather fight harder for search terms that I know will help qualified copywriting prospects to find me, rather than use search terms that I could easily win…but then instead of making money as a professional copywriter, I’d be spending time trying to explain to someone why I’m not the kind of writer they are trying to hire. And I definitely don’t want to spend time fielding emails and phone calls from freelance writers looking for work, those using words like “wanted” in their searches.

Just because a search term uses a word you want to be found for doesn’t mean it’s a search term you should focus on in your blog. Be clear who is using those terms and why, rather than investing precious time in blogging using keywords that might generate traffic but won’t generate clients or sales!

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