Script Writing

We know words…and that includes the spoken word too. Not all marketing is done with words read! As a scriptwriter, we do telemarketing scripts, online demo scripts and scriptwriting for video.

script writer freelance copywriter

Script (and web writing!) for grocery delivery franchise
After we wrote the home page copy for We Shop and Deliver, the client came back and asked for scriptwriting for their new video. We delivered…pardon the pun!

script writer freelance copywriterScript for City of Kirkland video
The City of Kirkland tasked us with a real challenge: Come up with a story line for a very short video that would double as a tourism video and economic development tool both. In short, we had to tell two stories at the same time…and we did!

script writer freelance copywriterScript for online interactive demo
For this online demo promoting a sales and marketing solution to business decision makers, we handled the messaging from start to finish, starting with translating the technical features into actual customer benefits. Then we came up with the concept, a unique approach using four stories that all wove together yet could also stand alone, so if a viewer only watched one vignette, they still got the point. As the scriptwriters, we wrote the script and online text, and consulted on the voice talent and design.

“We Know Words are Rockstars! For a recent interactive demo We Know Words provided world class creative content that I felt comfortable putting in front of my client from day one. From concept to final edits, they brought a high level of creativity and professionalism to everything they do. They understood the project strategy, audience and business challenges and delivered copy and scripts that were right on target and on time. We Know Words was a great resource and they’re definitely in my Rolodex!”
–David Bender, VP, Creative Director, MRM Worldwide