Sales Copywriting

Whether it’s a basic one-sheet, a tri-fold brochure, or a meatier marketing kit complete with PowerPoint, your marketing collateral helps set your company apart from your competitors. With the right brochure copywriter, you’re on your way to a long-lasting, lucrative relationship. The wrong words? Well, your sales force is better off with a simple handshake than a leave-behind that goes straight into the recycling bin. At We Know Words, our freelance copywriters cut through the clutter to reach your customer, creating marketing collateral that makes an impression and makes sales.

brochure copywriter freelance copywriter

Economic development brochure for WTIA

When the WTIA was planning a trip to China, they asked us as the brochure copywriter to come up with a brochure they could use to market Washington state as a place to do business while there. We suggested something with a longer shelf life: a brochure they could use anywhere, any time, to market the state. We came up with the theme of People+Place+Potential=A State of Innovation, then built a case for Washington by talking about the people, location and business environment. (Design by StarDesign Studio)

brochure copywriter freelance copywriter

Brochure for Technology Management MBA program

A 15 page brochure needed to be condensed into a lot less copy, because prospective students went to the website for more information. As the brochure copywriter, we interviewed students to make sure we knew the real reasons people chose the program. Then we came up with a theme and the layout for the piece, as well as ways to make it more sales–less information–oriented.

Buzzbee (30K)

Marketing kits for Microsoft partners
Over the course of several months, one of our freelance copywriters built over 20 marketing kits for Microsoft partners in the EPM space. Each kit consisted of a two-sided sales sheet, a one-page Solution Brief (that described the next step), a PowerPoint and a 100-word Web abstract. The trick was figuring out how to make every single solution sound different from the others!

“Sharon at We Know Words is an extremely talented writer with a tremendous ability to absorb the client’s needs to produce a polished, targeted marketing piece. She is a bright, enthusiastic addition to any project team, with a willingness to learn complex, technical subject matter and develop messaging that resonates with executive audiences. She was an essential element to our project’s success, both in terms of high-quality work and timely turnaround on deliverables. I can’t say enough how enjoyable it has been to work with her, and we highly recommend her for any company seeking a sophisticated, senior-level writer.”
— Melanie Kindsvater, Account Manager, BuzzBee

pa (19K)

Product sales sheets for PureAyre
Clean Earth sells to several different markets, and needed to speak differently to each of them. So the sales sheets had to be similar enough to go together, but address the different concerns–and different odors–confronting moms, pet owners and resellers. Our freelance copywriter addressed each audience spot on, while maintaining a fresh tone and feeling throughout. (Design by Gravity)

“Our customers like the way we talk to them, whether it’s by email, newsletter, advertisement, article, or Web page. I give the credit to We Know Words. They know how to effectively represent our product to our customers in language that sells.”
–Rico Yingling, CEO, Clean Earth Inc.