Landing Page Copywriting

Sometimes you don’t need a whole site, you just need a logical place for customers to land when responding to email marketing, a banner ad or direct mail. Our Seattle copywriters specialize in landing pages that make sense to your customers and help them find and do what they want right away…before they click away.

landing page writer freelance copywriter

Jobvite banner ads and landing page
Jobvite invested in creating a useful report for HR managers, then turned to the landing page copywriters at Seattle’s We Know Words to create the banner ads and a landing page that would get that report into the hands of their target audience. (Design by Strategic Design Group)

landing page copywriter freelance copywriter

Banner ads and landing pages for Ricoh
Ricoh wanted to test a variety of offers to three different audiences using banner ads and landing pages. Our Seattle online copywriters consulted on the messaging, making sure we stayed more customer-focused and not Ricoh-focused. Then we created 18 banner ads and nine landing pages that all worked toward the same goal-getting people to watch a video and start thinking about Ricoh for production printing-but with a diverse range of headlines and calls to action.

landing page copywriter freelance copywriter

Email copywriting and landing page for Genesys Telecom
Genesys had a hot new Forrester Report to get into the hands of their hot prospects. They turned to Seattle’s We Know Words to create customer-focused Web writing. Our team of online copywriters wrote the email, leading with the astounding stats from the report, and Genesys got astounding results from this email marketing campaign. (Email marketing by ClickMail Marketing)