Enewsletter Writing

Anyone can put out an e-newsletter. That’s why there are so many awful, ineffective email newsletters. Not so with We Know Words. We know what kind of e-newsletter copywriting customers want to get in their inboxes, best practices for design and content, and the technology that makes online publishing possible. Plus we have a magazine background which means we approach e-newsletters as editors, not just as newsletters writers, for even better (i.e. meaningful) content.

newsletter writer freelance copywriterEmail newsletter for email marketing company

Every month our newsletter writer writes a newsletter article for this B2B email newsletter. We follow that up with a blog that summarizes and links back to the newsletter once it’s archived in the client’s website. As with most of our newsletter writer projects, we guide the editorial planning.

newsletter writer freelance copywriter

The Wrap Up e-newsletter
A fun e-newsletter for GiftCertificates.com. Our gifted newsletter writer made this a must-read email newsletter that kept the click-throughs coming.

newsletter writer freelance copywriter

The Office Edge e-newsletter
A light-hearted read that helps readers get more out of office life while subtly promoting Maxon’s products. Our e-newsletter writer secret? Brisk, engaging copywriting aimed squarely at cubicle dwellers and their inner Dilbert.