Email Copywriting

With our email copywriters, you get catchy subject lines that generate high open rates, crisp and engaging copy that leads to action and a customized message that keeps the conversation rolling as you build a customer relationship that lasts.

email copywriter freelance copywriter

Email copywriter: Keynote Systems
This email copywriter project meant writing the fourth in a series of an email nurturing campaign. It offered a solution brief and a free trial, but the subject was dry as a bone! Our solution as email copywriter? Tap into a major fear, not being able to control what they can’t measure. The result? Far more compelling email!

email copywriter freelance copywriter

Email copywriter: telecom company
We wrote an email invitation and reminder email for a technology conference hosted by Genesys Labs, BCE Elix and Microsoft. We got people even more interested in the conference by promoting a best practice tour and it worked: response was tremendous. (Email marketing by ClickMail Marketing)

“The quality of We Know Words personnel, and the results they produce, has allowed us to win clients that we would not have had otherwise been able to. As a result of working with them, ClickMail has increased our market share and our margins, as well as lifted the loyalty of our clients to us. Sharon and her team continue to impress us and our customers by how quick they are on the uptake in understanding the marketing objectives across a number of industries, and they always seem to have insightful recommendations that pay great dividends. Partnering with We Know Words was a very smart decision for us.”
Michael Kelly, Principal, ClickMail Marketing