Direct Mail Copywriting

When was the last time you opened an empty mailbox? Thought so. Even in an age of social media marketing, direct mail lives on!

Making sure your direct mail piece hits the mark, instead of the trash can, requires a clever direct mail copywriter, a compelling offer and a call-to-action that simply cannot be ignored.

direct mail copywriter freelance copywriter

Direct mail copywriter: the wine industry
Ajasa Guides publishes a meeting and event planners guide to the Pacific Northwest. When they branched out to specialize in wine country event planning too, they turned to our freelance direct mail copywriter to create crisp, compelling copy that went down as smooth as a glass of merlot. As the initial contact with wine industry folks, telling them about the new guide and why they should advertise in it, this eye-catching direct mail piece reads as nice as it looks. (Design by Smith Walker Design)

direct mail copywriter

Direct mail copywriter: new movers marketing!
W3 Data had a great idea: Let home security companies know they can track down customers that move and still sell to them. So we as the direct mail copywriter did a “we’ve moved” theme, about Americans being on the move, and keeping up with the Joneses even when they move… Very clever, very fun.

direct mail copywriter freelance copywriter

Poster for the Seattle Direct Marketing Association
We kicked off the 2005/2006 season of the Seattle Direct Marketing Association with a poster about another season kicking off: the hunting season. Traci Daberko at Daberko Design came up with the concept, then we had a blast as the direct mail copywriter, writing copy that fit the theme. It was one piece of mail that got a lot of attention and sold out the event!