Case Study Copywriting

A compelling case study can be the most effective piece of marketing collateral in your marketing toolkit. After all, who doesn’t love a story? Especially a story that emphasizes common pain points, with real-life, relatable problems in search of a solution…like our freelance copywriter team writes.

When you put a case study in front of prospects, your story does the selling for you. It shows you understand your client’s problems, and just as importantly, that you know how to solve them. And because case studies are so readable, they’re also re-usable, and can be put to use in all sorts of ways, for lead generation, search engine optimization and even PR. The freelance Seattle copywriters at We Know Words can help you create a case study that moves hearts, minds and sales.

case study copywriter freelance copywriter

Mindtouch Ideapark case study
MindTouch’s wiki software benefited many types of businesses in many different ways. So our freelance copywriter interviewed their customers, and wrote a series of five case studies highlighting a variety of applications within diverse businesses and situations. We then added to that three scenarios that illustrated the benefits of the wiki specifically in the areas of sales, marketing and human resources. On their own, the pieces spoke to targeted audience segments. Put together, the documents told a complete and compelling story.

case study copywriter freelance copywriter

Maxon case study
Who best to tell your story than your customer? That’s what Maxon did when they hired this team of freelance copywriters and marketing writers to interview their customers and tell their success stories. Each was written with a problem/solution/results approach, with a strong voice of the customer and plenty of quotes. We also made suggestions for which types of photos to include to illustrate the stories. All in all, it made for compelling web marketing communications that cut through the clutter.