B2B Copywriting

Marketing a business to a business is decidedly different from marketing to consumers. But our principles apply across the board. You still have to be customer-centric, you still have to talk to their pains—not your products. You still have to say what they want to hear, not what you want to say.

That’s where we come in. We have the objectivity and maybe even the cynicism of your target audience. We’re going to ask the hard questions. We’re even going to ask “so what?” Because that’s what your potential customers will do. Work with us, and you’re ready with the answers…before they even ask.
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Two B2B copywriter jobs for T-Mobile

For T-Mobile, we as the B2B copywriter created a capabilities brochure designed to make enterprise-level customers aware of T-Mobile as a viable option for big business needs. This copywriter project included consulting on the core story, helping the client determine the message that would resonate with this audience and make T-Mobile stand out from the wireless provider crowd.

On the technical side, we used our B2B and high-tech copywriter skills to help T-Mobile jazz up the messaging in a marketing piece that promoted BlackBerry Enterprise Server while still hitting all the necessary technical points.

“We Know Words was able to take disparate technical information and weave it together into a cohesive and compelling value proposition that was easily understandable by even the most non-technical audience.”

–Todd Leeson, Director of Marketing, SMB/Enterprise, T-Mobile

B2B copywriter freelance copywriter

W3 Data

W3 Data had several products, several audiences. First we went through the rigorous process of clarifying the message for each product and audience by creating messaging frameworks. Then we wrote sales sheets for each based on those messaging frameworks.

B2B copywriter freelance copywriter


BusinessObjects planned to hand out a kit to their partners, but they wanted a little guide to both explain the kit and the benefits of using it (so partners really would use it). The trickiest part was organizing the somewhat disjointed information to fit logically within a set pagination. But we delivered!