Ad Copywriting

We Know Words freelance copywriters write winning advertising copy by getting to know your target audience and what they’re really buying, so we know what we’re really selling. Because we always remember: You have to sell what people are buying!  Then we put on our creative thinking caps and do a bit of caffeinated copywriting–a couple of mochas and a cold can of Diet Coke sets our fingers to typing. At the end of the day–and the caffeine–we write advertising copy that makes your product pop, whether you’re selling high tech software or a stylish soccer shoe.

ad copywriter freelance copywriter UW ad copywriter freelance copywriter UW

Ad copywriting for major university

This series of ads was geared towards professionals who were on the fence about going back to school. They know they should, but they put it off, and they are worried about the time it would take out of an already busy schedule. As the ad copywriter, we consulted on the imagery. For the primary benefit, we emphasized the career advancement potential that additional education would offer.

ad copywriter freelance copywriter Washington Federal ad copywriter freelance copywriter Washington Federal

Ad copywriting for newly re-branded bank

When Washington Federal launched their new brand and “Invested here” tagline to a business banking audience, We Know Words was called in as ad copywriter for two full page ads to run in a prestigious publication. Our task? Convey the new brand, fit with the new format that emphasized one word above all others, and engage a business audience that only new Washington Federal as a consumer bank. (Design by igcreative.)

ad copywriter freelance copywriter

Ad copywriting for an encryption software developer

We worked with StarDesign Studio to produce all the magazine ads for XYPRO Technology Corporation for several years. This was our favorite. XYPRO developed encryption software, and every year chose a different theme for the ads. This ad was the first in a “beach” theme, and played on the idea of SPF as a security protection factor, closing with the reminder that security is never a day at the beach, but with XYPRO, you won’t get burned. (Design by StarDesign Studio)

ad copywriter freelance copywriter

Ad copywriter for JD Edwards services provider

WTS hosts and remotely manages JD Edwards software. Our advertising copywriters opted to help this high-tech company stand out by hiring an illustrator for the ads and mailers. This ad was a story teller, using humor and eye-catching colors to attract attention in an otherwise staid high tech publication. (Illustration and design by Daberko Design)

ad copywriter freelance copywriter

Ad copywriter for Diadora

So it’s not high tech but it is high fashion…for the foot. This ad marketed Diadora’s new shoe by combining the athletic prowess of the Brazilians with the style of the Italians…just like the shoe.