Pills Might Help Real-Life Headaches, but Words Soothe the Marketing Ones

Marketing is not about finding some magic pill that makes your website convert. It’s about being specific in your content marketing and copywriting, talking about what your audience is buying, not what you’re selling. Here’s more proof…

Last month I helped an attorney with new copywriting for her website. She has an unusual niche: helping people in the healthcare profession defend their license when accused of wrongdoing. Yet she wasn’t getting those kinds of clients. We redid the website copy to speak specifically to the concerns of that particular audience.

Yesterday, I got my first professional license client just from the website.  She told me that she had been frustrated that she could not find an attorney who helps nurses but her sister found my website and she was relieved.  This is my ideal client and I wanted to thank everyone who helped me.

How did we help the website become a successful marketing tool? We didn’t dip into a freelance copywriter bag of magic tricks. We didn’t conjure up words known to miraculously get a website found and a client converted. We simply figured out what the target market cared about and wrote to those concerns.

Apparently it works. :-)

That’s why I say we know words…and we know what to do with them. It’s all about talking to your customers, not at them.

Pills might take care of your real-life headaches, but only the right words will get rid of your marketing ones.

The result? This is the email I received from the attorney just now:

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