New Site Showcases Our Client and Our Web Writing Prowess Both!

Watching a project go live is often like waiting for the birth of a baby, especially because content is usually first. That means us freelance copywriters and content providers are done with a project and moved on to something new before our content is ever laid out in print or html. And then we’re busy and forget to find out later how everything turned out!

So it’s a treat when a client comes back and says, “Hey, check it out, it’s done!” because it reminds me to go take a look and see our copywriting prowess in action.

Today’s treat came from Graphic Solutions. Graphic Solutions is an integrated marketing company with a lot to say. We had a blast as the website copywriter helping them hone their message and making all of their integrated solutions make sense.

Still for us, it’s just words, and we’re not sure how much sense we’ve made until we see a website go live, start clicking through, and realize,  yes! We did a good job!

Take a look at their site. It’s a great example of making a variety of services easy to access and understand.

And if you need a website copywriter, you know where to go!

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