Need New Web Content? Try Talking TO People, not AT Them

talking-guys-1382970-mI just got off the phone with a potential client looking to redo their website. They have plenty of web content but want some of it rewritten to be less scientific sounding. (They are a research group.)

My first and foremost question was, “Who is the target audience?” because if you want it rewritten, I need to know rewritten for whom.

There wasn’t an answer to that question yet, so if I get hired as the freelance copywriter for web content job, that will definitely be where we start.

Web content should written for the visitor first, the organization second. That’s how you talk to your customers, not at them. If someone shows up at your website and the home page is all about you and not about them, how long do you think they’ll stick around? If it were a real person talking all about himself, how long would the other person stick around? People are online because they are looking for something. Tell them right away that you have what they are looking for. Talk to them about them, their needs, their problems, their solutions.

Because talking to people is how you get heard. :-)

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