Marketing is like dating: Sometimes you gotta change your message in order to get heard

I’ve been thinking about communication and how you can keep saying the same thing over and over and not get heard. And the implications when you consider marketing is like dating.


Ever been in a relationship and had trouble communicating? Or understanding your partner? It happens. People have differing communication styles. The meaning of words, tone of voice, body language and even the topics of discussion can vary greatly between people. It’s not for lack of trying. We want to communicate. We are humans, after all, social beings. And that can lead to frustration when we feel like we’re not getting heard, or conversely, not understanding the other person.


Think of a time when you felt like the person you were dating just wasn’t listening. Argh! How frustrating is that?


Now remember a time when you met someone, or went on that first date, and you clicked. You could practically finish each other’s sentences, and delighted in the conversation because you were communicating so clearly.


How fun was that? You probably kept on dating that person, right?


That’s what you want your marketing to do: to click with that prospect, to make that instant connection that makes the prospect feel like she’s being heard.


Your marketing can do that when the message is relevant and timely…and when you recognize when it’s not working. Marketing is like dating.


Back to the analogy of the date with two people not communicating. If one of them could recognize what was happening and change their words or tone or topic to try and match how the other person seemed to be hearing them, they just might have a breakthrough and end up thoroughly enjoying their date (or relationship, if the dating has been going well!).


Same with your marketing. If it ain’t working, it is broken, and you gotta fix it! If your email marketing copywriting got poor results, change it. If your Web site copywriting isn’t converting, change it. If your direct mail copywriting bombed, change it.


You’ll save yourself frustration, and your prospect will appreciate being talked to, not at…and will maybe become someone you can continue to “date” with your marketing and ultimately a customer.

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