Marketing Is Like Dating, Proven by B2C and B2B Social Media Differences

My “Marketing Is Like Dating” book has been on the back burner as I rethink my role as a professional copywriter in 2010. But a comparison chart of the differences between B2C and B2B in social media marketing illustrates a point I simply have to include: be appropriate.

Obviously if you’re selling to consumers, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and YouTube are channels you’ll use. For B2B, the chart says blogs, LinkedIn, SlideShare and Twitter. (Interesting that Twitter is in both.) You have to be appropriate, and therefore market via appropriate channels.

Think of dating, and how, if you’re a woman, you’ve been approached or asked out by all kinds of men you didn’t (if you’re honest) think even had a right to ask you out. Yes, it sounds snobby, I know, but it happens.

Or here’s a great example from last weekend: Out at the Black Bottle, a bar in downtown Seattle, a young woman came in wearing a black cocktail dress, lots of bling and high heeled shoes, with her hair and makeup all well done. She’d obviously spent a lot of time getting dolled up for this date. But the date? Gag! Not only was he wearing jeans, but also a hoodie and flip flops! Flip flops! Inappropriate all the way! I told MY date, a real gentleman would have apologized once seeing her outfit, and run home to quickly change. Sadly, she must have liked him enough to go out with him despite his clothes.

In the marketing and copywriting world, your prospects are going to have to like you enough to overlook you’re being inappropriate…so better not to be in the first place.

That all said, I doubt there hard and fast rules. I’ve been thinking on the differences already, because although it might not be appropriate for a B2B business to have a Facebook page, their customers are consumers in their off hours, and use Facebook then…meaning their expectations and experiences are influenced by the B2C social media marketing. I don’t know yet what that means, and have yet to see anyone comment on it. I think there might be potential there to sometimes win by being inappropriate, with an unexpected B2B presence on Facebook, just like in dating sometimes being different and unexpected will get you a date when you otherwise wouldn’t.

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