Lost on a Landing Page: Why a Bit of Branding Is Better Than None at All

Lost on a Landing Page: Why a Bit Branding Is Better Than None at All

I just had the strange experience of landing at a landing page and having no clue where I was. I don’t think that’s ever happened before!

I was on LinkedIn, poking around to see what’s new, and an ad caught my eye. It had to do with whitepapers, and since I’m a freelance copywriter who writes whitepapers for clients, I was interested, of course. I clicked on the link…and got lost.

The landing page had zero branding at all. It wasn’t blank, however! Rather it was full of calls to action. Among my many choices on that page:

  • I could sign up to receive the company’s emails.
  • I could check out recent posts.
  • I could check out comments left on recent posts.
  • I could fill out the form for a download.
  • I could share the page on countless social media sites.

But I could not figure out where I was or who was offering me the download. I could see the URL. But that didn’t tell me anything. Who/what was this company wanting me to do all these things??

The landing page was totally devoid of any kind of branding. It lacked a logo. It lacked a company name. It lacked anything at all that was branding except maybe the color usage…and I wouldn’t know because I don’t know the brand…nor the company.

Now, in their defense, removing all branding does also remove any implication that this landing page is some kind of a sales pitch. On the other hand, removing all branding also removed any credibility. You can’t ask me to hand over an email address or fill out a form if I don’t even know who you are, right?

Which just goes to show, a bit of branding is better than none at all!

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