Let’s Not Lose Sight of the Real Value of Compelling Content, OK?

Last week I was asked to write a press release.

For $100.

At the last minute.

For a business I’ve never worked for before.

And this press release was going to be a critical piece in getting word out about a big move on the part of this company. It was meant to be the one means by which this company is going to get all kinds of free publicity for their expansion. No other marketing effort, only this press release.

All that for $100.

Offered by a CEO who should know better.

Let’s not lose sight of the real value of compelling content, OK? A few dozen quickie blog posts used for SEO might cost you just $100, but a critical press release? That requires skill and experience and insight to craft in a way that will do you any good? And when everything is riding on that one communication? What is the real value of that, I ask?

To do that right would take me several hours, and even then, I don’t know if it’s possible to write a compelling enough press release, one that would do the standalone, heavy lifting this company is hoping for.

Just because we’ve entered the age of content marketing, and content all over…so much content we now need content curation, for goodness’ sakes…just because all eyes are focused on creating content (if not on reading it), let’s not forget that there are still pieces of content, copywriting if you will, that require a level of experience and expertise that is not a cheap commodity.

I’m sure this company was able to find a flunkie or newbie to work for peanuts as their press release writer. I’m equally sure they’ll be disappointed with their results.

I love words. I know words. My whole business is based on words! But I know the true value of words too, as written and verbal communications meant to drive action as opposed to empty words on a page.

$100 for a press release? No thank you.

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