Kraft Throwing Money at Old-School Marketing

As the marketing world moves forward into Content Marketing, finally giving content its due, I guess not everyone is following suit.

In 2011, we can have our customers talking about us and marketing for us like never before. We can be more real, more authentic. We can let our brands have personality and engage with our audiences in completely new ways.

Or we can just throw more money at marketing the old-school way. That’s apparently what Kraft is going to do.

Kraft is going to going the old route of more money, more ads. Some agencies are going to make a lot of money.

But will TV commercials build brand in the age of social media? Not the way content marketing would, says this freelance copywriter.

I like the Miracle Whip commercial, I confess. I think it’s bold to have people saying they don’t like your product. But I’d rather see Kraft spend their money on hearing from real people, not celebrities. Let’s see money go towards viral social media campaigns, not expensive TV ads.

Oh well, what do I know. I’m just a freelance copywriter on cloud 9 because the popularity of content marketing is finally making people aware of principles I’ve been advocating for 10 years. (Be engaging. Be real. Be authentic. Have a personality. Repurpose content. Use indirect marketing.)

It seems like Kraft doesn’t even know content marketing exists…

Good thing I don’t like Miracle Whip! I suspect the price will go up so Kraft can afford the high cost of old-school marketing!

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