Is Your Web Content Doing Its Job? Or Should It Be Axed?

Is Your Web Content Doing Its Job? Or Should It Be Axed?

I just wrapped up another content consultant job, and I was reminded once again that words only have power when used correctly.

This particular content consultant job involved reviewing two websites and making recommendations for improving them. Both websites had plenty of information. I doubt they were written by any decent freelance copywriter because the writing was poor. But the writing–and information–was there.

But these websites didn’t work. They just sat there, and the phones kept ringing in the clients’ offices because the websites were no help. The websites took up space but didn’t answer questions.

The problem was two-fold as well as common, in my opinion as the content consultant:

1) Problem 1: Information was hard to find.

2) Problem 2: Information was incomplete.

These are problems that plague websites all over. Websites like this result from not being customer-centric. If you are part of the organization these websites represent, you think everything is there and easy to find because you already know everything there is to know, as well as where to find it. That’s not thinking like a customer, however!

If you’re a prospect, you don’t know anything, which is why you go to a website in the first place, right? To learn something? You go to a website to get answers to questions. And the website’s job is to be a knowledgeable employee with those answers.

These websites would have been fired if they were real life employees!

We had to figure out how to make them customer centric instead. My job as the content consultant was to figure out how to make information easy to find by coming up with new navigation schemes, and also to point out what kind of information goes where. Now it’s a matter of implementing these recommendations, and we’ll see if those phones stop ringing, as that’s what we agreed would be one of our metrics for measuring the success of the new sites.

How’s your website? Is it a hardworking employee, deserving of a raise? Or a slacker not doing its full share?

I hope it’s the hard worker you need it to be! If not, let me know.

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