Is it okay for a freelance copywriter to toot her own horn?

It’s weird to be a freelance copywriter, working in marketing helping clients left and right to craft compelling marketing messages, but then find myself a bit shy about tooting my own copywriting horn! This morning I received from my friendly blogging software provider an email encouraging me to blog on five great things about my We Know Words copywriting business. I gulped. I blushed. I thought, “Oh, but that sooooo goes against my Catholic upbringing to be bragging about myself!”


Still, Compendium Blogware isn’t a runaway success for nothing. I’m taking their advice, so bear with me…


Clients hire me as their freelance copywriter for these reasons:


One: My brain. I often say I have two things to sell, my time and my brain. (Actually I think my friend Darby said that, but I’m borrowing it.) I’m lucky enough to be smart, and even luckier to know a ton of smart people who keep me up to speed. Which leads to the next reason…


Two: I know what’s up in marketing. I don’t just sit idly by copywriting when needed. I keep up with marketing trends like Facebook, like email marketing changes, like SEO and Web 2.0. That way I’m a true resource to my copywriting clients, providing not just words, but insight into how to best use those words (E.g. a wiki or a webinar? A brochure or an email campaign?).


Three: My customer-centric approach. Time and again, clients are stymied when I tell them I’m less interested in what they sell than I am in what they’re customers are buying. They get it on one level, but it’s a challenge for them to switch from talking about what they want to sell to what the client wants to buy. But the only way to be a great copywriter is to speak to the customer, not at them.


Four: Silly as it might sound, my personality. When people go to my copywriting Web site at, they’re hit with flowers, flowers, flowers, a ton of orange and red, and quite a bit of attitude. If potential clients don’t like my Web site, they won’t like working with me as a freelance copywriter. If they do like my Web site, and the fact that I’m not afraid to sound different and stand out from the crowd, we get along great.


OK, my Catholic-ness is saying “enough already with the bragging!” So I’m stopping at four reasons why clients hire me as their freelance copywriter.


But if you’re a copywriter who reads this blog, or just stumbles on this post at random, take note. I’ve been a successful freelance copywriter for over 8 years for good reason. Well, four good reasons.

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