Is Content Marketing the Evolution of Copywriting?

I just re-read an older article on content marketing with fresh eyes, and just about spit out my coffee.

The article says content used in content marketing should be unique, useful, well executed and fun. Excluding “fun” which I have several times in my 10 years as a freelance copywriter had clients say “no” to, the other three qualities that content should have are also three qualities that copywriting should have.

This is not new information…or at least it shouldn’t be. As freelance copywriters, if our content is not unique, useful and well executed, we should hang up our copywriting caps and go wait tables instead.

Maybe content marketing is simply the evolution of copywriting? Because it’s definitely not a re-volution.

Or maybe the silver lining here is better educated clients who will give the copywriting work submitted a more thorough evaluation. I like that thought! Then we’d have the best copywriter for a job chosen based on skills and marketing savvy, not on price. :-)

What makes good content marketing? The same thing that makes good copywriting!!

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