How This Web Content Writer Works

pen“How does it work?”

As a freelance copywriter, I get asked that question a lot, but really only about web content. I guess maybe email copywriting or print work, those things are more straightforward in people’s minds. But web content…now that always means a question about the process.

So after writing it up just now for a potential client in need of a freelance copywriter, I thought I should just make it public knowledge!

This is my process as a freelance copywriter. Someone else will probably approach your web content in a different way. But this is what you can expect if you choose to work with me:

  1. We have a 30-45 minute kickoff call during which I ask a lot of questions about your target audience and your core marketing message.
  2. I sometimes do keyword research if the client can’t provide or I ask for the keywords if the client has them.
  3. I write and submit the home page only, to ensure I have the right voice/tone/core message.
  4. Client gives me feedback on the home page.
  5. I rewrite the home page and resubmit.
  6. Once the home page is done, I write first drafts of the rest of the pages and submit.
  7. Client gives me feedback on the rest of the pages.
  8. I revise the rest of the pages accordingly, and this time add in keywords and write Title tags for SEO.
  9. I submit content and then I am on standby for any questions the web designer or developer might have.
As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward, as long as the website navigation is already set. If that’s not the case, I might suggest we back up and do a website assessment first, or I might provide an outline of suggested content and structure before I start writing.
But for 90% of web content projects, this freelance copywriter process works. :-)

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