Hiring a Freelance Copywriter? Questions to Ask…

Yesterday I had a pleasant phone call with a potential client who asked me point blank, “If I were someone used to hiring a freelance copywriter, what questions would I be asking you?”

I’ve been a freelance copywriter for a decade, and I think that’s the first time I have been asked that question. It took me by surprise! But it was valid. I’m looking for a used truck and I feel the same way: I’ve never bought a truck before. I don’t even know what questions to ask!

So if you’re hiring a content copywriter, and you’re not sure what to ask, here are the questions I think make the most sense:


  • How do you work?
  • Where do you get your information?
  • How do you determine your pricing?
  • How many revisions will you do?
  • What is your approach to copywriting?

Granted these aren’t specific to a project. If you were looking for an SEO copywriter, for example, you’d want to ask questions about other SEO projects.

But in general, you should be less interested in whether or not that freelance copy writer has done work in your industry before, and more interested in how she works and what you can expect as you two work together.

Don’t get tied up in knots when hiring a freelance copy writer! Just ask the right questions!

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