Grip Rite Semi Shows Freelance Copywriters the Right Approach

Whoever designed the advertising for the side of the Grip Rite semi I just saw is a savvy marketer. Instead of pictures of products, the whole side of the truck trailer was plastered with photos of the products being used with captions that said what the product was being used for. Rather than a Grip Rite doohickey pictured on the side of the truck, with claims of faster, stronger, better, cheaper…or whatever claims Grip Rite might make, the photos were captioned with things like “Fencing” and “Molding and Trim.” And the photos showed the product being used.

They are showing the solution!! They are showing customers the problems they solve! Now I don’t know anything about Grip Rite, but I’m assuming people don’t sit around thinking “I need a faster, stronger, cheaper fastener.” They probably think “I need a good way to get this molding up.”

And Grip Rite is showing them!

This is what freelance copywriters must do. It can be hard for clients, I know, trust me I know! They want to talk all about product. They live, eat, think, breathe, sleep product. But the best copywriter is going to be the one who can get the client thinking about problems and solutions like their customers do!

Then the freelance copywriter must translate that messaging into the copy.

Grip Rite’s truck is simple in appearance yet perfect as a marketing tool. Freelance copywriters must emulate those trucks!

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