Freelance Copywriter Gets Kick in the Butt to Get Back to Blogging

Freelance Copywriter Gets Kick in the Butt to Get Back to Blogging

I love this article on the dumbest excuse for not blogging, although it was painful to read because I have been using that exact same excuse for the past two years: lack of time!

Between moving from city to country, moving from a rental into a new husband’s house, buying a 132-year-old farmhouse we are having to rebuild, and many other things, time has been the one thing I have been most short of. And my business and blog have suffered as a result, but especially this blog!

Ironically, Doug Rekenthaler posted his article just as I was sitting down to recommit myself to my freelance copywriter blog. Thank you, Doug, for the kick in the pants that made sure I did!

It wasn’t only his “dumbest excuse” comment that worked as a cattle prod on me, but also this reminder he included in this blogging article:

“Studies consistently demonstrate that the majority (70% or more) of the modern sales process takes place behind the scenes, meaning consumers and businesses alike are out there searching, surfing, browsing, and listening long before deciding on the products and services they want. (Think of a retail clothing or automobile customer who steadfastly avoids the sales reps until he or she has decided to try on an item or test-drive the car.)”

See, before I moved to the country, I was a networking machine in the city. That was how I connected with clients for my freelance copywriter business. But these past 2 1/2 years living in a rural community, well, let’s just say there’s not a whole lot of networking going on or marketing either!

Yet I am working for offshore clients for the first time too. Who found me how? The Internet, because in the past Ihad been nurturing my blog and website.

Yes, Doug, this SMB has been guilty of the lack of time excuse. But now she’s getting back to blogging. Thanks for the kick in the pants. :-)

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