Freelance copywriter appreciates well done ServiceMagic emails

Everyone’s inbox is full of emails, much of it poorly written email marketing. That’s why I enjoy the emails I get from ServiceMagic. They have attention-getting subject lines, and copywriting that’s fun to read but helpful too.

Their most recent email to me had the subject line “All parties end up in the kitchen somehow…” and then the header text when you open the email said “Unless your sink is smelling up the place.” The rest of the email newsletter gives advice on getting rid of a stinky sink odor, then offers a link to look for home cleaning pros to help.

I’m a freelance copywriter. I read pretty much everything with a critical eye. And this email newsletter passes the test every time because it does what I encourage my copywriting clients to do:

  • It provides useful information, without a catch.
  • It builds trust.
  • It has a call to action, so when the recipient is ready to look for a service, she can.
  • It’s fun.

People are bombarded with emails. It’s hard to stand out. The words can help. So put some effort into your email marketing by hiring the best copywriter for the job, one who gets email and how to engage your audience, not just sell your stuff.

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