Freelance copy writer finds stellar small business marketing on Facebook

2010 is the year I figure out how my role as a freelance copy writer will change in the age of social media. Blogging I got down. I’ve been pushing blogs as marketing tools for a long time now, and even teaching small business blogging. I think I have a pretty good handle on LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Twitter I’ll never figure out. So I’ve primarily been paying attention to Facebook as a social media marketing tool.

But my friend Jeff just summed up how to use Facebook as a small business with his Facebook page for his painting business.

Jeff did an excellent job applying the principle of KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. And he zeroed in on what people want to see: before and after pictures and real-life painting success stories. And in a format that’s easily shared!

This freelance copy writer says kudos to Jeff for harnessing the small business marketing power of Facebook in a way that’s a great–simple–example for others!

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