Even when using blogs as marketing tools you can market with email newsletters

This Seattle copywriter is finally updating the We Know Words web site. It’s a running joke that I need to hire a website copywriter to keep the web site maintained! But a pleasant lull in the copywriting business is making the update doable.

Part of the update is simplifying the site since I now rely more on blogs as marketing tools. (More on that in my next blog.) But I as a copywriter have a tendency to get a little fond of copy. As a result, I’m posting an article on email newsletters here since it’s being deleted off the copywriting web site. It’s an oldie but goodie and maybe a bit unusal to spot here since I’ve become such an evangelist for blogs as marketing tools. Why would I be encouraging the use of email newsletters? Granted they are not necessarily the best choice for small business marketing, but for the right size business, and right business, email newsletters are still great for marketing, even in an age of social media. Enough explaining, here’s the article…

Market with email newsletters
Perhaps the hardest part of marketing is to keep doing it. The irony is, this is also one of the most important. One contact with a potential customer is less effective than repeated contacts over time. We also live in a world of skepticism and doubt, a world where trust matters more than price when people make buying decisions.

To market effectively, you need to establish and nurture a relationship with a prospect. Ditto for existing customers: Once someone has bought from you, don’t assume she’ll be back someday. You must stay in touch with her on a regular basis so she’ll think of you next time she’s ready to buy, and possibly refer you to others in the meantime.


So how do you stay in touch with your past, present and potential customers on a regular basis? E-newsletters. An e-newsletter is perhaps the most effective and cost-effective way to build and maintain relationships that earn their trust. And trust is crucial to sales.

E-newsletters reinforce your other marketing efforts too by:


  • ·         Driving traffic to your Web site through links and special offers.
  • ·         Establishing credibility and positioning your business as a leader and resource.
  • ·         Improving your search engine rankings: Archiving the newsletters on your Web site adds to your content, and search engines love good content!


So why are we suggesting email rather than print? It’s cheaper than printing and mailing a hardcopy version, for one thing. Plus you don’t know if a snail-mailed newsletter even gets read or if it goes straight into the recycling bin. With an emailed newsletter, you can know right away how many people opened it and even how many clicked on a URL to go to your Web site. Email marketing also gets a higher response rate than direct mail: 10-15% compared to 1-2%.


Of course, as with all good marketing, your results depend on doing your e-newsletter correctly. Newsletters that are infrequent, boring, purely promotional, or sent to people who didn’t ask to hear from you only harm your marketing efforts. But do your email newsletter right, and you will reap the rewards of that ongoing contact as you build relationships, earn trust…and make sales.

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