Don’t Use Press Releases if Your Website Sucks and Your Blog Is Nonexistent

Last of my MarketingSherpa “Marketing Wisdom for 2010” freelance copywriter insights…

Even small businesses can get a big bang from PR, and I don’t mean hiring a publicist and trying to get written up in the national news. For years, the We Know Words copywriters have pushed clients to do more with press releases. Use the right freelance copywriter, and your press releases can:

*Be written with keywords and optimized for search
*Be added to your website, increasing your SEO
*Be submitted to an online press release distribution company like, also increasing your SEO
*Provide blog fodder
*Be linked to in your email newsletter, taking people back to your website
*And more!

But here’s a good point from the Marketing Wisdom report, submitted by Tino of ImageLight: Make sure your online presence is worth going to if your press release does intrigue a member of the media!

We’ve all seen crappy websites. Heck, some of us are even guilty of having crappy websites! And if that’s the case, if your website is an embarrassment and your company lacks a blog, then you’d better skip the press release. Because in this day and age, anyone looking for more info about you is going straight to the Internet. Better not to get found at all than to be found lacking!

So hire the best copywriter you can afford, improve your website, launch your blog, and then get busy on those press releases!

That wraps up my week of recap of the MarketingSherpa Marketing Wisdom report, through the eyes of a freelance copywriter! Hope you found it useful!

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